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Let's do this

I have been meaning to write what is on my mind for months, but just have not been able to get to it, as I always have an excuse. For me it has always been, after I finish my studies I will do it, after I finish cleaning I will do it, after I finish cooking I will do it. The time has just never been right. I said to myself no more excuses. No matter what, not even my grammar is going to stop me today. Here is how I see it, If I post today (the first and hardest post ever in mylife the rest would be easy) what more could stop me? Nothing. So I therefore ask for your compation and understanding when you sit down to read this blog. I decided nothing is going to stop me today not embarrassment not fear not laziness not even technical issues NOTHING.

You may ask what is the purpose of this page? well here it goes, I intent to write educational, entertaing and engaiging material that will cover travel, transport, accommodation and anything to do with travel like food, culture, siteseeng and so on. But most importantly the main topic which is the main reason I started this blog, "Safari", in the Eastern and Southern Africa a topic that has been close to my heart since I was 12 years old. I hope and pray you will join me in this wonderfull new adventure. in oder to help me grow I welcome suggestions, questions, encouragement and support. Thank you and you are all welcome!

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